Contemporary Waterfront - New Construction

A waterfront new construction home, with full systems integration and an entertaining ecosystem aided by technology.

The Process

Stalgrid worked directly with the clients and architect/builder team on this project from conception to occupancy. This home was erected from a new structure, providing endless opportunities. The clients, who wanted to bring a Texan contemporary flare to the often traditional waterfront, appreciated bringing technology into their home and lifestyle to a greater extent then their prior homes which included Sonos and Universal Remotes.

The client opted to implement the following systems:

  1. Whole Home Distributed Music & Viewing
  2. Whole Property (exterior included) Wireless Access
  3. Climate Control
  4. Surveillance & Recording
  5. Security System Integration
  6. Shading & Exterior Lighting Integration
  7. Irrigation System Integration

The Result

As one of our favorite architects and clients, we worked closely over an 18 month period to integrate systems into the architecture. This included, a flush stainless door intercom, hidden wireless access points, flush built in-wall touch panels, hidden shading soffit wiring, waterfront dock & boat surveillance/monitoring, exterior lighting and irrigation controls hidden and integrated to not overlap, and most importantly a multi source multi zone tiling solution allowing the customer to view multiple sports games simultaneously on their 75" Sony Bravia while choosing any one of the game's audio stream to be fed to any or all of the 13 speaker zones.

Ultimately the client had the following abilities and features in their home

  • Music in any room or exterior zone, with ability for independent or grouped control and volumes
  • 3 Fully Integrated Viewing Areas and 2 Basic Viewing Areas, with 4 cable boxes and 2 apple TVs independently accessible in any or all zones with tiling features.
  • 8 Independent HVAC zones with scheduling, humidity and fan control. (Worked directly with CARRIER and HVAC Subcontractor)
  • 7 commercial grade exterior cameras, with multi month recording and remote access. As well as monitoring on their waterfront areas & dock.
  • Ability to control the following 3rd party systems: Irrigation, Shading, Lighting & Security Sensors
  • Ability to create scenes and voice commands including any of the above systems without the need to have a programmer.

The End

Ultimately this client has been with Stalgrid since 2017, and is one of our favorite systems. As part of the Stalgrid "Build your vision, equipped for today" we have continued to update software, work with manufacturers to provide free hardware upgrades, work with the local cable providers for changes and upgrades, facilitate sub contractor work and upgrade or deploy new systems at the clients request.

Architecture & Construction by Saltsman&Brenzel

Interior Design by Molly Frey Interiors

Photography by Joel Gross

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