Bay Village Condo - Restoration

A Boston Bay-Village restoration, with building access control & intercom, as well as independent unit distributed A/V.

The Process

Stalgrid worked with the architect and new condo/building owners to integrate minimalistic technology systems into the newly renovated, and restored unit. This occurred in two stages, including access control and surveillance, and audio/video.

The Result

Being incredibly well restored and pristine, it was Stalgrid's job to provide the 21st amenities, without compromising architecturally or aesthetically.

We opted to provide them with a Doorbird Stainless Brushed multi-unit intercom. By flush mounting this and hard wiring it to the units network, we were able to provide residents of the building with RFID tag access as well as via their mobile devices. This allowed each unit owner to have a unique call button that not only rang their units bell, but also called their devices prompted a video call with the ability to unlock doors.

Furthermore, the owners wanted a dedicated viewing area with 5.1 surround, and distributed audio across their living room and kitchen listening areas. We wired, designed and hung a 65" Sony Bravia with a Savant Universal Remote and Sonos Soundbar, paired with Sonance rear speakers. Taking advantage of Sonos' sleek and straightforward solutions we quickly and affordably installed Sonance in-ceiling speakers in the two other zones, paired with Parasound amplifiers and Sonos ports. While we would traditionally opt for a more all around system such as Savant or Elan, this provided a minimally invasive and affordable solution.

The End

Since finishing this project in 2019, the client has had no issues. However, we have continued to monitor the Doorbird solution, and provide custom made RFID tags for new residents or tenants.

Architecture & Construction by Saltsman&Brenzel

Photography by Joel Gross

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